Service Design pretty much sums up our philosophy and informs the way we work. After almost two decades in business, we’ve come to appreciate that Quality of Life issues are frequently “wicked problems”: they are often ill-defined, complex and frequently fraught with interdependencies, just like Jenga®!

Our Service Design approach means that the user or audience is at the center of project, and defines how your message is conveyed. We view each project as a service and our efforts go into making the service meet the user’s needs. With our approach, we invest in understanding your audience’s values, priorities and needs, and the journey they make to fulfill those needs. We use Design Thinking’s 5 step process—Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test––to generate ideas to perfect our Service Design delivery.

We’d like to use this page as a portal for exploring and generating conversation around successful Service Design. Please come back for more of our musings on the rewards–and perils!–of working towards Quality of Life for All.