Zeldesign belongs to a global network of communication professionals with whom we actively collaborate on projects that revolve around Human-Centered Design and Economic Development.

Our work with a number of public agencies across Southern California has given us a unique perspective and access to one of the world’s most diverse and economically vibrant regions. Our projects are multidisciplinary, engaging teams of Service Designers, Public Relations specialists, Urbanists, Sociologists, Architects and Engineers in a collaborative process to promote the Quality of Life of our clients’ stakeholders.

ZHarrison & Associates
 (Zeldesign) was 
in 2000 by its principal,
 Zelda Harrison,
 to provide marketing
 and visual communication
 services to a variety
 of audiences, initially 
in Healthcare,
 and Real Estate.

Over the past decade,
 we have dedicated ourselves to supporting our public sector 
clients with their
 Quality of Life initiatives.

ZHARRISON & ASSOCIATES: Global Footprint • Multidisciplinary • Multicultural • Versatile • HumanCentered Design