Digital Marketing | Public Outreach

Our mandate for this on-call contract was to develop the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Public Participation Plan and manage Social Media for the 2016-2040 RTP/SCS. The RTP/SCS strategy is designed to address energy security, and increase public support for infrastructure, GHG reduction, active transportation and economic development.

In our first six months, we organized open houses across the six counties in Southern California to obtain input on the public’s perception of quality of life issues. Publicity for the open houses was conducted via social media (namely Twitter and Facebook), online postings on, e-blasts, media outreach to radio stations and newspapers.

Our documentation of meeting outcomes informed policy discussions with SCAG technical experts and the Final Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR).

Our Service Offerings

  • Public Outreach Campaign Planning
  • Strategic Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Event Planning & Logistics

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